Akaash Panday

Chief Executive Officer, APAN Energy Services

Akaash Panday is a consummate professional and the worldwide lead for APAN Energy Services.
Mr. Panday manages a broad portfolio in the clean energy sector and is committed to providing infrastructure, to harness the benefits of renewable resources, and provide clients with innovative and sustainable solutions, globally.
Whilst energy systems are the key target, he places a strong emphasis on human capital development for both staff and communities as is evident in his company’s robust Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
Mr. Panday is adamant that people, process and technology must work synergistically to achieve clear objectives.
Resourceful, decisive, trustworthy and strategic in his outlook this gentleman brings worldwide implementation experience to Latin and North America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and beyond.
So passionate in his resolve to create jobs, foreign direct investment and lowering the carbon footprint, this futuristic visionary spearheaded the collaboration and partnership between APAN Energy Services and PASH Global. This partnership transforms concepts into tangible realities.
Mr. Panday’s ongoing agenda? To add value on a global scale, one country at a time, to the replenishing and sustaining of clean renewable systems so the world and its people can thrive.

Andre Salim

Technical Lead, APAN Energy Services

Andre Salim brings decades of qualifications and experience in the field of telecommunications, technology and electrical infrastructure to APAN Energy Services.
Certified by top tier manufacturers APC, Schneider Electric and Vertiv, Mr. Salim’s due diligence spans sites throughout the Pan-Caribbean region.
The most recent addition to his executive portfolio, is his simultaneous participation in the design, installation, resource management, delivery and overseeing customer relations of over twenty sites.
Over the years, Mr. Salim has led the charge in carrier-based technology and utility provider systems rollouts – no job is too big to handle for this technologist and technocrat.
Busy much? Mr. Salim works the only way he knows - realizing projected outcomes, respecting deadlines while promoting the value of teamwork in a challenging, ever-changing environment.
Mr. Salim delivers because he always understands the assignment!


Kofi Owusu Bempah

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner at PASH Global

Kofi Owusu Bempah is co-founder of London based PASH Global, is responsible for its strategic development and manages its vast project development teams.
Mr. Bempah started of his laudable career as an international energy and infrastructure lawyer working for a private equity firm.
As the universe would have it, in the law arena, he focused on renewable energy, project finance, energy and infrastructure related transactions, inter banking, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. His expertise also extends to the oil and gas sector.
It takes this level of expertise and experience to create the powerhouse that is PASH Global.
Mr. Bempah is a respectable, astute businessman, advising global governments, public sector entities, sponsors and investors in projects of epic proportions, daily.
This visionary has closed over 1 GW of renewable energy projects thus far and works with major lenders and entities on projects globally.

Ahmed Khattab

Technical Director, Pash Global

Ahmed Khattab, is responsible for all technical matters in PASH including implementation strategy. These responsibilities encompass design, engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance.
Ahmed has more than 10 years of experience in Electrical Design, including Diesel, HFO, LFO and Natural Gas reciprocating high speed and medium speed Generator Sets. Moreover, he has vast expertise in designing Wind, Solar and Hybrid power plants as well as DC hybrid units for telecom applications in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Egypt.
Ahmed graduated from Engineering faculty at Alexandria University. He additionally acquired specialist training in designing offshore wind turbines from Chemnitz University in Germany.
Ahmed is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers “IEEE”, and he was the Head of Scientific Committee of Alexandria University from 2009 to 2011.